Sunday, July 17, 2005

An uncritical piece on healer named Adam

These links provide additional opinions about Adam Dreamhealer and his family. It's really amazing that the Toronto Star has still not responded to the complaints about the article written by John Goddard.
  • From Anne's Anti-Quackery & Science Blog - Adam (will we ever know his real name?) wants privacy, but conducts interviews and has workshops as he did with Goddard. He no longer meets people in person, but has the client send a colour photo and "money" along with a signed disclaimer and the "healing" is done. It is truly remarkable that he can heal unconfirmed cancer from thousands of miles away and yet doesn't want his true identity revealed. Telling people what their condition is over the telephone and then telling them that you are going to treat it is nothing more than health fraud. Then one might wonder how such a story filled with misinformation would be allowed to be published by the Toronto Star. Goddard's reporting wasn't accurate and fair and Goddard throws discredit on the Toronto Star by writing this nonsense. It's scary that someone calling themselves a journalist could believe in this nonsense without one single question. Most people with a little sense of critical thinking would shake their heads. More research on Adam Dreamhealer: I think you probably will find the best information on Adam Dreamhealer over at Healthwatcher.

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