Sunday, April 09, 2006

Skeptical Inquirer articles exposes Dreamhealer but not his identity

The Big Bird, the Big Lie, God and Science by Jill Neimark

Skeptical Inquirer - March/April 2006

A young man claims to have amazing distant-healing powers, but a skeptical look at the facts raises serious questions.

Comments: Ms. Neimark protected Adam's identity, but the rest of the article was right on the mark.

Medical 'Miracles' Not Supported by Evidence

By Benjamin Radford July 29, 2006 A Canadian teenager named Adam Dreamhealer claims to cure cancer, coax the comatose to consciousness, and drive out infection. He has written books, sells DVDs, and offers seminars. Dreamhealer says he can heal people using his hands, mind, and mystical energies. Those who tout his powers include celebrities such as astronaut Edgar Mitchell and musician Ronnie Hawkins. Despite the fact that Dreamhealer has never proven his healing powers under controlled conditions, he claims that what he does can be explained by science.

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