Monday, December 04, 2006

Did Adam McLeod's parents promote him on in 2002's web site is one of the finest examples of the promotion of medical quackery today. Somebody claiming to be the parent of a 16 year old boy called themselves flmcl. They made a series of bizarre posts clearly aimed to procure business for their son. Their original web site was registered in 2000, when Adam about 14 years old. The story about Ronnnie Hawkins and his alleged pancreatic "cancer cure" wasn't made public until 2003 in an issue of Rolling Stone, and the Globe and Mail.

Thread entitled Inoperable Tumors - December 2002. Here are just a few posts made by flmcl

1. My 16 year old son is a healer. He just recently cured someone of inoperable pancreatic cancer. When he treats someone he does it long distance (quantum theory). All he needs is a clear face picture of the person with cancer. All they have to do is sit still for the 15 minute treatment. It will take about 5 treatments (one per day) to determine if the treatment is working. I also need someone with an email so I can monitor the results. No money required, just honest people to relay the results. He can only work on one person at a time so I will take the first one who comes along. He would prefer someone who is not presently on chemo or who's cancer hasn't spread. Before you become too skeptical about this, just think about all that he required of you to find out if it works. [They are looking for honest people. But, what about them?]

2. Your situation sounds perfect for my son. If we can get some treatments done before your next ctscan that would be great. Send me a clear color face picture.
I need an email address so we can monitor the changes. [It's clear that the poster was telling people that their son could cure cancer. This e-mail address belongs to Frank McLeod, who in fact is Adam McLeod's father. But, we don't know if it was his mother who may have actually posted it, or even Adam himself. ]
[A copy of the text of a letter that Mrs. Elizabeth McLeod sent to the British Columbia MS Society using Frank's e-mail address in 1996 about the need to include references to alternative health treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. She stated that "mainstream medicine has nothing to offer"].

3. Send a clear colr face photo and I will let you know if we can help. We are already working on a number of people. You will be the last one we try for a couple of weeks. Don't delay because I have a waiting list of people with other illnesses. I would like to try you because it sounds doable. We have good success with people who aren't on chemo and the cancer hasn't spread. [This is utter and complete rubbish. Yes, "complete success" my ass. Lies, lies, and more lies.]

4. Hello Libby, There are a lot of people out there who claim they have similiar abilities (mostly frauds) and that is why people are so skeptical. This included me before I witnessed what my son can do. To really get some sort of an understanding of what is is all about one should try and read Edgar Mitchell's Quantum Hologram

It is very complex but if I try and simplify it there will be a lot lost. Don't be fooled by the many claimed distant healers on the net. There are only a few people in the world who truly have this ability. We all have the potential when we are born but we never develop it for various reasons. There are a lot of people and organizations who actively critizise it with out actualy reading about it. You will even get very educated people who poo poo it even though they know nothing about it. [Now get this - they ask readers to be wary of other distant healers. They are the ones who are frauds. This is totally delusional thinking.]