Monday, September 03, 2007

Adam isn't the only Dreamhealer

Here is a short list of other web sites, links and blogs about other Dreamhealers, or Dream Healers. They may not be in English.

Dreamhealer - the movie
Dora Peña's feature directorial debut, "Dreamhealer", wrapped this week after a busy San Antonio Shoot. Look for photos and full website coming soon.
"The Dreamhealer" is a family drama and metaphysical thriller set in Texas, starring JESSE BORREGO, VALERIA HERNANDEZ, and VIVIANE VIVES. Also featuring GABI WALKER in the role of Clara, a young girl whose power to heal insomniacs is being exploited by her Aunt Marta (EVIE ARMSTRONG).

The Dream Healer - An opera in two acts
The opera is based on Timothy Findley’s PILGRIM.
It will be performed at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. 
Focused on Carl Jung at the Burghőlzli Clinic in Zűrich, it is a story
about disintegration of the psyche.

The opera will stimulate discussions of psychiatry and mental health.
The collaboration of unusual partners will promote a cross-fertilization
of ideas, a deepening of understanding, and solidarity across
diverse segments of society.


In 1999 , 2000 and 2002 has Olga Kharitidi trained therapists in a very, very old method of healing. This method of healing is now made available to all mankind. This method is given by Fransje Bik in the Netherlands. Also in other countries if somebody wants to do the organization of the workshops. November 2007 in Germany. See the information in the text of the workshops in this page. Olga Kharitidi is a psychiatrist from Novosibirsk in Siberia and author of the books "Entering the Circle" and "The Master of Lucid Dreams."

DREAMHEALING - Chaos & the Creative Consciousness Process

by Graywolf Fred Swinney, M. A. and Iona Miller

Copyright 1992

In my travels, presenting workshops on dreamhealing and creative healing, I have found that many professionals (psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, addiction counselors, etc.) and paraprofessionals (such as hypnotherapists) state that they came because they experienced limitation in the current forms of psychotherapy and counseling that are available.

They all come with the sense of looking for something more, something that goes beyond the abilities or the models that are currently available. Many of them have been attracted to alternatives such as shamanism, through books, articles, and interviews, describing these forms of healing. Many came to learn more because of the sense that what they were doing had just not been enough. Many have been drawn by an intuition sensed while reading a flyer, feeling it had something special to offer them.

Insanity, Madness, & Sex Italian language blog - Listen to dreams. They always tell you the truth.

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